About Us



Easy to use products give customers the ability to manage the entire supply chain right from your pocket.


EPISHIP takes measures to comply with applicable laws and security standards to keep your information safe.


Service to over 240 countries with real-time status updates allows you to ship across the globe with ease.

Our Mission

EPISHIP’s mission is to provide distribution and supply chain management services and technology to distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers on a global scale.

EPISHIP services customers around the world with domestic and international goods movements.

Reliable Shipping

Be sure your all your shipments reach their destination efficiently with proof of delivery provided for each and every shipment.

Customer Support

Use the online form at the bottom of this page to answer a few questions about your issue. Please provide as much detail as you can.

Secure Payments

All payments are secured with SSL protocol and compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI).

Why behind the work

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