Billing adjustments

View details about your account in the Adjustments section of your bill, which acts as a table of contents. It refers to the specific page that lists billing adjustments, charge corrections, and other charges.

The shipper is responsible for providing accurate and complete shipment information on the shipping document or in the processing system used, including service type, number, weight, and dimensions of packages. EPISHIP reserves the right to audit any package and/or invoice to verify service type selection, package dimensions or weight, and charge applicability. EPISHIP can weigh and measure any package tendered to EPISHIP with any process EPISHIP deems appropriate including, but not only limited to, multidimensional measuring devices. If any piece of the shipment information provided by the shipper is incomplete or incorrect as determined by EPISHIP in its sole discretion, EPISHIP can adjust billing charges.

Refer to the service guide for more information about applicable rates, charges, and billing adjustments.