Pricing information

Credit-based pricing is a pricing model in which you maintain a required minimum balance within your account in order to ship with the best rates available.

  • Maintain a credit balance to unlock shipping discounts and incentives.
  • Increase the credit balance to unlock even better pricing.
  • All rates and incentives are based on Parcel Index Subindexes, referred to as Profiles. Each Profile has a minimum credit threshold and a weekly premium rate to offset counterparty exchange risk. The pricing at each Profile reflects market appropriate incentives specific to net rate for each cost component billed to a given shipment.
  • Customers have the ability to access a different pricing schedule, based on meeting the criteria specific to a given Profile.

Get a complementary parcel spend analysis. Based on your actual shipping data, the complimentary analysis quantifies potential transportation savings opportunities to help you control and optimize transportation processes.

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