What is FTL vs LTL Freight

truck back open packages LTL

The choice of the correct freight shipping method depends on several factors, including the size and weight of your shipment, delivery timelines, and freight classification.


FTL is an abbreviation that stands for full truckload freight. FTL is used for large shipments that require an entire truckload of space. Since you are the only shipper on the truckload, you can reserve the truck with full capacity even if you don’t require filling up the entire truckload space.


LTL is an abbreviation that stands for less-than-truckload. LTL is used when more than one shippers’ freight is on the same trailer rather than having a single shipper’s freight on an individual trailer. LTL is an applicable option for shipments that are between one and six pallets or any shipment that is less than 14 linear feet. LTL is most often beneficial for the shipping needs of small businesses.

LTL load