Global ID

Global ID

The intent of this article is to guide users on how to use Global ID to manage identity and access permissions within the app.

Global ID Overview

The purpose of Global ID is to provide a universally unique identifier that is specific to a given Account, Contact or User. Users are encouraged to memorize this value to speed up communication through chat and voice services.

Where to find Global ID

The Global ID is located within the top menu of customer dashboard. Expand the drop down section and look for a string of text that is seven or more characters long and starts with the letter g.

How to use Global ID

Global ID is used to grant permission to services. Some services ask for Global ID at the beginning of the phone or chat session to verify the account and enable services.

Copy and paste the Global ID into the related field within a chat prompt, field in a web form or voice prompt, where applicable.

Common issues with Global ID

The following items are the most common issues, troubles with use of Global ID, along with guidance on how to resolve these common issues:

Invalid Global ID
In the case of a Global ID that is reported as invalid by the services within the dashboard, log in to verify the Global ID through the directions listed in this article. Note: in the case of a organization where there are multiple users across several accounts, ensure that the Global ID specified is specific to the account targeted. In the case of this exception, the user input of Global ID is for a different, separate record that is not specific to the targeted Account; double check the value within the dashboard and try again.

Unable to locate Global ID
Log in and navigate to the top menu. Expand the menu to see the Global ID listed within the user dashboard.

Unable to log in to obtain the Global ID
In such cases, contact an admin user associated with your account for guidance on the Global ID specific to a given Contact or User.

Unable to speak the Global ID into the phone call
In cases where the phone system is unable to recognize your voice, the Global ID can be verified through chat services. Alternatively, the request for additional services for those customers with a disability that does not allow a user to speak are available through customer service. Please contact your account representative for additional information