First delivery

All shipments are processed by service type in a first expired, first out process, as part of standard operations. This means that cycle times are tracked at each point in of the service delivery workflow, and managed with the same quality standards that apply to all customers, in accordance with local regulations. The takeaway: preference is given to your shipment in flow as is best given to any shipment to be delivered first, “first delivery”, exclusive of service type.

This results in more on-time deliveries, a higher degree of customer satisfaction and overall better service. Beyond this, first delivery process aligns with strategies and targets on environmental, social and community topics.

Some express services, specifically Same Day and 1Day service types are eligible for an account service credit, or refund where applicable. Some restrictions apply. See the Service Guarantee for additional information. Contents are subject to change without notice. EPISHIP, in its sole discretion, will credit the shipping charges for a given shipment to the payer only, upon request, under the following conditions:

  • Contents of the package are not regulated as dangerous goods or hazardous materials.
  • Delivery attempt, pickup attempt and signature requirements are met without unavailability.
  • No billing or payment disputes exist on the account.
  • No hold, inspection, or refusal or package.
  • No local operating conditions restrict service, this includes: acts of god, authority actions (expressed or implied), civil acts, customs delays or disruptions in transportation networks due to weather, labor disputes, natural disaster or otherwise.
  • No late fees billed to customer account within 30 days of dispute submission.
  • No scheduled restrictions, related to peak seasons or otherwise apply.
  • Package is not billed any surcharge for additional handling due to dimensions, length or weight.
  • Request for credit is submitted within 2 weeks from the expected delivery date.
  • Ship from and ship to locations are valid, without change or correction.
  • The service type is eligible for a service guarantee.
  • Timestamp date of pickup or drop-off event matches the label creation date.


Refer to the Service Guarantee and the Service Guarantee Exclusion List for additional information.


Handle exception

Exceptions are routed through standard procedures. Choose from the following.